After recieving feedback from my previous sequence, I decided to make a few changes in order to make my thriller meet the typical conventions needed to make a good thriller.

I firstly decided to cut the whole beginning sequence of the three characters Grace, Sophie and Alice getting ready to go out. The reason I cut this was because it didn’t fit in with the stereotypical conventions and also it was a different storyline and wasn’t really needed. I begin the opening sequence with the graveyard scene as to me it sets a more atmospheric tone to the rest of the piece and gives it an eerie feel.  I also reduced the lighting of the piece as it was too contrasting to other scenes.

The main thing I had to work on was the titles. I was inspired by the opening titles of the thriller ‘se7en’ and so based my titles on this.  I used Adobe After Effects to complete this titles and used a Wiggler effect with a font called ‘Buffied’.  I made the titles Red and also made them jumpy, similiar to the ones in ‘se7en’.  I then put them into my piece at the opening scene with the graveyard. In order to make them work, I shortened a few and made them fit in with the opening, making a few cut to blacks to fit them in.  I put in the Producer, director at the beginning and decided to put the title at the end. This was to entice the audience and make them want to know what the piece is called at the very end.

In conclusion, these are the main changes I made to the thriller, other than a few cuts to make the scenes flow evenly. I am overall happy with my final product.



As I had played Bejeweled before, I already had an understanding of the game and knew what to expect. 

After researching it and finding there are other versions of the game, I became more interested and eager to try out these different versions. I do not spend much time playing games, but found myself almost addicted to the game.

It is available on things such as Facebook, MSN and on mobiles so I was able to play it on these different devices.

I enjoy playing puzzle games and so found myself becoming more and more competitive as I played it on my own, and also against other people on the ‘Blitz’ version of the game. I find the voices on the different versions quite humorous, and so it therefore did not bother me.

In conclusion, I can definitely see why it is addictive and there are a variety of different levels and newer versions of the game to grab the audience’s attention. Although some features on the different versions may annoy other people or put them off the game which is understandable. Though overall, my experience of playing Bejeweled is definitely a positive one and encourage others to play it.

After receiving the feedback from our teacher, I went to edit the video straight away.  As a group we decided to re-film and produce a script as well so that it would look more professional, this was a good idea and it helped me with the editing as I didn’t have to cut unnecessary speech. The key things I changed in my video where:

  • I shortened the whole video and cut out unnecessary parts.
  • Shortened the length of the pictures at the beginning and made the quality of the picture better and clearer
  • There is now a distinct difference between the beginning scene and the graveyard scene.
  • I made sure there was a high level of continuity (e.g. opening sequence when they’re coming down the stairs).
  • I made sure that every transition I used, had a purpose.
  • I have used the beginning music as a motif which is repeated throughout the thriller.
  • And I have varied the different shot types and used different angles.

I found it a lot easier the second time of editing, this was because I had some feedback and knew what I was working towards. Also, I had familiarised myself with the new programs (Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects) so I knew how to make my thriller to a higher level and gain more marks. 

Seeing as I did most of mine at home, I would often have to do something at school, export it, save it onto my memory stick, bring it home, upload it onto the computer and import it again which was a bit of a hassle at the beginning, especially when I forgot to export it.  So when we got the feedback, I learnt from my mistakes and did it all at home, only bringing it to school when I needed to.

I then created a second rough cut, in order to hopefully get more feedback which would highlight what else I needed to work on.  Below I have embedded my second rough cut:

 Doing this proved very helpful as I knew which parts needed polishing etc.

After receiving feedback I made the changes and didn’t have any other problems.

The main problems I personally had, were mainly my fault.  Because I was working with different software, I often did not back up my movie or export it correctly. This lead to problems I then had to deal with and in some cases I had to re-edit the footage.  Throughout my editing, I have been saving separate parts of the movie and working on them individually which was a big help because I could then import it straight into the main movie and have a backup. Towards the second draft I often forgot to do this which was my fault and often enough suffered the consequences.

If I could go back and change things, I definitely would. This would be in terms of not having to re-film our piece and have a script from the beginning.  Also, spend more time planning our filming as well as to not waste time. These things could have been improved greatly along with me editing the video with transitions for a reason, and not just using them to get from one scene to the other.

Overall, despite those few mistakes I did my best to make the final product as good as it could be whilst learning lots of new editing techniques along the way.

Final PowerPoint

Thriller Opening Sequence Evaluation-faith

Below is my powerpoint in the older version.

Thriller Opening Sequence Evaluation-faith

Please ignore the first link on the last slide as it incorrect. Here is the correct link:

evaluation powerpoint-rough-faith

Below is our Sound Project Powerpoint:


After completing the Powerpoint, we then had to present it to the class. We  all took it in turns to say a couple of slides each explaining the making and editing of the video.

Here is our finished sound project video:

As a group we were given the task of completing both some primary and secondary research regarding the opening sequence to a thriller that we will be completing. To summarise our methods we created a powerpoint explaining our different methods of primary research in preparation to present it to the class.

Here below is our group Powerpoint on the research we did concerning thriller films.